The Way of Jesus

I helped someone at County Court this week to give them support whilst they faced the district judge to discuss their debts. When I introduced myself and mentioned that I worked for Christians Against Poverty, I noticed that the judge recognised the charity. He stated someone spoke about CAP on Sunday at his church and he was impressed with the work. As we spoke to each other I noticed that this put the client at ease and she had a visible smile on her face. I told her that you can find God  in all kinds of places.

Anyway as I was looking at the Judge, it got me thinking as Christians where do we like hanging out and who do we like hanging out with. The Church that the judge attends attracts professional wealthy people. Would this judge ever attend NHCF? Would I attend his Church? The answer probably not. The question it arises, Why not?

Then God put some more questions to me. Where do I like hanging out and who do I like hanging out with? Are our Churches made up of Christians who truly represent the community they serve? Then finally the million dollar question, “Where did Jesus like hanging out and who did he like hanging out with? When we really look at this question in the eye, it challenges us to follow the ‘Ways of Jesus’. Instead of asking the question what would Jesus do (WWJD)? we should ask what DID Jesus do?

Was Jesus drawn to the same kind of people? Was he drawn to people that you could easily engage with? Was he drawn to people that had everything sorted? In fact Jesus was so multi faceted that he loved to spend his time with all kinds of people. On the one had he was God who created the heavens and earth and on the other hand he was a baby born into poverty in a stable, the son of a carpenter. This made Jesus aware of his calling. He was drawn to all kinds of people, not a select few. Whether it was the rich or the poor, the healthy or the crippled, the educated or uneducated, the generous or the greedy, it didn’t bother Jesus. It was the person he was drawn to, not their circumstance.

When we look at the life of Jesus and his statement from John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth and Life” are we prepared to follow him down the same path, to people that we would not normally sacrifice a minute of our time to be with.

Who are you drawn to now that you have been saved by grace?  What are you willing to sacrifice to count the cost of copying the ways of Jesus? The way of Jesus is not easy and Jesus never pretended that following Him would be easy. However when you are empowered by his Holy Spirit you will be amazed what you can do for the glory of His name.