Focus on the Journey not the destination

Before Dave and I set off for our mammoth 1200 mile cycle challenge around the UK, we promised each other that the most important aspect of the cycle was to enjoy the journey and not to focus on the destination. Even though it was a tough daily challenge, it was important for us to enjoy and make the most of our journey. This was our daily encouragement before we set off every morning.

Focus on the journey not the destination

Do we have the same focus with our Christian walk. Are we so busy trying to make the next deadline, working for the next holiday, and waiting for the so called successes, at the expense of forgetting to focus on the here and right now. When we focus on the destination it is so easy to miss the wonders and beauty of the journey.

On some days when it was raining, windy and hilly it could have been easy for us to put our heads down and just endure the ride until we reached our destination. However it doesn’t take much to focus on something that is positive, encouraging and uplifting. For me on days like this was meeting up with our back up guy, my very good friend Dave Bowles. We would break our rides down to about 30 mile segments and when we joined up with him, there he was with a hot cup of tea, smiling face and an encouraging word; absolutely priceless and a wonderful part of the journey that I would not miss for the world. That’s what happens when you focus on the journey; a vision of Jesus’ Kingdom in all it’s glory

Jesus says in Matthew 6:34 “So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.”

When we focus on the journey, we not only have more strength to focus on the journey’s troubles, but we also are able to focus and hold onto the journey’s beauty and wonders. Sometimes that beauty can be very hard to find it extreme difficult circumstances, but the light of hope can seep through the smallest of cracks. Paul received this light whilst floundering in Prison. Jesus received it on the cross. Thanyou for the amazing journey of life that Jesus gave to us.

Focus on the journey not the destination


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