Inconvenience of Easter

I had the good fortune to bump into an old colleague from my Police days this morning. It was a great opportunity to share a coffee and catch up. He got the debate about faith well and truly started with the following statement. “Typical of Easter getting in the way of the shop opening times.” Now my friend, who is a confessed atheist, made me laugh with this comment. However when you take away the comical aspect of this statement, there is a fundamental underlying  issue about our society today.

It may not come as a surprise, but for many people in this country Easter comes as a surprise. Over the years the Church has increasingly been marginalised with a powerful secularism that has attacked a Christian’s belief in many different forms. From employees unable to wear the cross to councils abolishing prayer times before meetings. The beautiful thing about Jesus though, is that no dark forces of secularism or the negative views of Christianity from the atheist  lobby can take away the loving, forgiving heart of the believer.

As I was sharing my faith to my friend, it dawned on me that this is the most important thing we are called to do. The good news of the gospel in all its glory and magnificence gives a deep and meaningful hope into people’s lives.  I was also made aware that God gives us many opportunities in order for us to share out faith. It is then up to us whether we are bold and obedient enough to follow God’s challenge.

It has been evident to me that so many people have the wrong idea about what the Church really represents. It is only when we show Jesus, explain Jesus and share Jesus that people begin to understand the REAL Jesus. 

The Great Commission may be an inconvenience to non believers, but for us as followers of Jesus it is a very convenient time to live up to that commission. To many it may be about shop opening times, and chocolate eggs, but for us its celebrating the knowledge that Jesus died for us personally so that we may not be broken but have the promise of eternal life.

Showing and Sharing Jesus, the convenient truth at Easter


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