What is your worth based on?

Ever felt like that you are not making a jolt bit of difference in the world? Everyday your working really hard for the Kingdom of God to breakthrough but you don’t see any fruit. Over the last week I have heard a couple of people state that because their ministry is not growing compared to the perceived favour they see in others, then the only conclusion is that they cannot be loved by God. Now I think this is really important to explore a little further because this mindset harms people. Let us look at what Paul says in the book of Timothy.

1 Timothy 1:5 “The goal of our instruction is love from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.”

I think it is always helpful to see what we can learn from the trials and tribulations in our lives, and allow them to reveal wrong goals that we may have in our hearts and minds.  It’s during these times of pressures that your emotions raise their warning flags signalling blocked goals, uncertain goals, and impossible goals which are based on our desires instead of God’s goal of proven character.

Paul says in this scripture ‘The goal of our instruction is love.’  If you make that your goal, then the fruit of the Spirit is love, Joy (instead of depression), peace (instead of anxiety) and patience (instead of anger).

What is your worth based on?

  • Is it based on a goal to win over the community for Christ?
  • Have the best youth ministry in the town?
  • Put in as many hours as possible for the Kingdom?
  • Increase your giving by 50%?
These are all worthwhile desires, but they are poor goals by which to determine our worth, because they can be blocked by people or circumstances. Better still our goal should be the person who God wants us to be. That is a great goal because nothing can block you from achieving it.
God’s basic goal for your life is character development, becoming the person God wants you to be. Because it’s a Godly goal, no one can block it accept you.


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