Seeing with God’s eyes

How we see other people determines our relationship with those people. Read Matthew 7:3-4. It is so easy to point out someone’s faults and mistakes, but is so much harder to come to terms with our own shortcomings.

It is from this position of humility and understanding that truly determines healthy relationships. Remember a healthy relationship always starts with you.

Who we are determines how we see others

The way people see others is a reflection of themselves

  • If I am critical I see others as critical
  • If I don’t care for people I see others who don’t care
  • If I live with a humble spirit I see others with humility
In some circles this is called the Lens Principle. When people look at us reflects our relationship with them. As Jesus put it, when we start removing the plank from our own eyes first, we start looking at people through God’s eyes. 
You cannot separate the way you see yourself from healthy relationships. The importance of seeing other people in a positive light also impacts how they turn out as people. This is so true for a loving discipleship, because a Jesus centred positive attitude breads a positive attitude to those we are discipling.
I believe Jesus has called every single one of us to firstly have a positive attitude towards ourselves and secondly to have a positive loving attitude to others. When we put on God’s eyes we see ourselves in a different light; made in the image of Christ himself. When we look out into the world with God’s eyes we see the potential ready to be fulfilled. I will leave you with a couple of questions to meditate over and to be challenged.
  •  Are you a negative or positive person?
  • What is your perception of others?

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