Being Fruitful

When we become followers of Jesus he asks us to produce good fruit. Paul in Philippians 1:22 says, “Yet if I live, that means fruitful service for Christ.”

 So what is it that Jesus and Paul want from our lives?

What does it mean to be fruitful?

Are we living up to the standards that Jesus requires of us?

I believe there are three things to consider when God requires us to live a fruitful life.

  • Transforming your own Character
  • Discipling new believers
  • Being salt and light in all aspects of our life
When we come into a life changing relationship with Jesus, the expectation is for our life to actually change. Jesus does not want us to remain the same old person, stuck and unable or unwilling to change our heart soul and mind. When we allow the Holy Spirit to soak our whole being, then our character naturally produces what the bible calls the ‘Fruits of the Spirit,’ mentioned in  Galatians 5. 
It is vital that we produce good fruit within ourselves, before we have the right to call ourselves disciples of Jesus.  When we live out the new character traits of the fruits of the spirit such as love, joy peace and gentleness, then others around us will feel the presence of Jesus and see him lived out in our everyday lives.
Are the Fruits of the Spirit lived out at home with your wife and children?
Are the Fruits of the Spirit lived out in the workplace or at school or college
Are the Fruits of the Spirit lived out whilst queuing up in the supermarket
Do we stand out from the crowd because we are producing good fruit?
When we allow God to do his life saving character change within us, then we do everything in our power to help others receive this new fruit for their lives. When we produce good fruit within ourselves, it will produce good fruit in others around us.
Our lives must be all about fruitful service to Christ. This one little statement is so helpful for us to remain focused on being salt and light. Everything we do is not for our glory but for the glory of Christ. When you feel like giving up or find it hard to change, think of Jesus, the one who died for you. Everything is for him. Your new character is for him. Your work is for him. Your new life is for him.

When we focus on Jesus we produce a life that reflects the Fruits of the Spirit


Being fruitful is a command from God. However it is a command that will transform our lives to be more like Jesus. It is also a command that will ensure that we are true followers of Christ building up his Kingdom here on earth.


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