The Key to Success?

What type of year has 2011 been for you?

How would you measure your achievements?

What have been your disappointments?

What things do you need to change for 2012?

How do we unlock our mind to find the real meaning of success?

Its the time of year when I reflect on what I have achieved over the last 12 months. Now each one of us would have  different thoughts on what achievement and success really mean. It could mean getting a promotion at work.  Earning more money. Moving into a bigger and better home. Gaining further qualifications. Flying off to exotic locations for the first time. Sometimes we cannot avoid defining success, by the enormity of the achievement. We can easily lose sight of how Jesus views success.

 When we define success by the world’s standards we lose sight of real success by Jesus’ standards

When I first look back at 2011 with the world’s eyes, I can easily make the assumption that I have achieved nothing and therefore wasted another year of my life. Thankfully God looks at success differently. Jesus says “I came to be servant to all.” He also said, “When you serve the least of these brothers or sisters, you are serving me.” God ultimately sacrificed his only Son, so we may be forgiven and gain a new life.  These commands and sacrificial living takes us away from ‘Me Success’ to ‘Helping others find success.’

When we look at the past year with different eyes, Jesus eyes, success looks very different. When we serve our friends with a humble heart. When we spend time with someone going through difficulties. Praising someone who never receives praise. Encouraging someone who never feels encouraged. Buying a present to cheer someone up. Sharing a kind word to lift someone’s spirits. Being there when someone feels lonely.

We find success when we focus our lives on others

However our motivation should never be about success. It should always be motivated because of the love we have for our God and our neighbour. But when we look at success with different eyes, it helps us to focus on how Jesus lived. When we can do this life has new meaning.

So as we move into 2012 do not be caught up in what the world says about success, but instead focus on the success of living a life that Jesus asks us to live. 



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