Don’t waste a minute

This week I had the great privilege of helping a man, with his debt problems. However I didn’t realise that this meeting would have such a profound effect on the way I need to live my life. This gentlemen was indeed a gentleman and his warmth, respect and humility towards me was quite overwhelming. He never focused on himself and gave me his full attention and listened carefully to the advice I was giving him.

 How do we become men like this? What do we have to learn from life to really show people that they matter?

Twenty years ago, this gentleman suffered a near fatal car crash in France. The consequences of this accident would change his life.  He broke his back in a number of places and became paralysed from the neck down. He has been tied to a wheelchair ever since, suffering from excruciating pain every minute of day. On top of this the consultants have stated that he has about another three years to live.

He never let on to me he was in pain until I asked him. He never once threw a pity party. I asked him, “What keeps you going through such suffering and hardship?” He replied, “Owen every minute of life is valuable, you must cherish it and not be held back by what is thrown at you.”

We often read about Paul in the New Testament describe that suffering leads to perseverance and character and nothing can take us away from the love of God. However to see and here this first hand brings the gospel to life.

“Christians learn first and best about Jesus from the people in the Community they serve”

From my own personal experience I have learnt more about Jesus in the last 5 years than I did in the previous 10 years, for the simple fact that I am engaging with the community around me.  My call to all my friends is not to waste a minute, treat it as precious time from God and continue to listen to our community to be more like Jesus.

Thankyou to my new incredible humble friend.


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