Holding the Hand of God

When does Jesus become real in our lives? When does his Holy Spirit dwell in our hearts? When do we come face to face with him? All these questions are valid to many Christians who sometimes ask, “Lord where are you.”

When we hold the hand of a broken person we hold the hand of God

When we look at the life of Jesus it should not surprise us that all the power and miracles of God came when he was in the presence of broken people, whether that was physical or spiritual suffering. Therefore if we want to see the power of Jesus and for him to become real in our lives, we need to be connected to this broken world. That means breaking out of  the straight jacket of religious conformity into a world where faith has no boundaries.

I visited a lady this week who was held captive by severe debt. However when I listened to her life story, I realised the debt was only the tip of the iceberg. She was totally broken from what life had thrown at her. Her heart had hatred instead of hope. She wanted to eliminate her life instead of living a life of eternity. All she could see was total darkness, no future, a life ruined by failure.

The simple act of holding a hand opens our eyes to Jesus 

I held her hand and felt the Holy Spirit descend into every area of the room. I held on tight knowing I was holding the hand Of God. Matthew 25 tells us that when you do these things for the least of these you are doing it for Jesus. At that moment all barriers are broken down, all past mistakes are laid down at the foot of the cross, a hateful heart is replaced by a hopeful heart and a new life begins to emerge.

When you hold the hand of God, you begin to see Him more clearly 

When you hold the hand of God, you see his power at work

When you hold the hand of God, you see new life




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