Hello world!

I have decided to write a blog because of the many downloads I get from God and my lovely wife unable to decipher my unique handwriting.

Over many years as a Christian I have kept a journal of all the many things that God has passed on to me. He has encouraged, challenged and at times broken my heart so I can strive to be more like him. For me every follower of Jesus has one calling in his life. That is to be more like him.  We can only do this when we allow our hearts to be open to him; that means spending precious time with our creator.

I want to share how God has directed my path over the years and to give you insights and teaching that will plant truth into your hearts. Everyone of us need to become faithful servants of Jesus in our everyday lives.  Everyone of us has been given so much potential. Everyone of us is totally unique in the eyes of God. All we need to do is let him into our lives and say to him, “Here I am Lord, use me.”

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Everyone is born an original, but most die copies.” The world seduces us into a life of mediocrity. However God wants to use us so we brilliantly shine out to the world. I pray that you will feel blessed reading this blog and that you know that God has a great and wonderful plan for you to make a lasting change in this world.


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